Hey, freedom lovers! So you want to know how we started and where we came from? Take a seat, this will be quick.

So for starters, our inspo came from the great TFM. One night our founders at RGP started talking and thought… “greek life has one fratty AF news source, why doesn’t freedom?” So our team worked our asses off to make sure that there was one.

Carpe Freedom is meant to be an apolitical place where students can write about when their administrations shit on their freedoms or when they come in clutch and protect them; when the student groups who feel “triggered” by something completely stupid feel the need to ruin everyone else’s day on campus; or when that safe space loving roommate needs to be put in her place. Whatever it may be, we are a group of freedom loving human beings who are sick and tired of people who try to take our liberties away from us because of their feelings.


As an apolitical organization focused only on college campuses, we won’t be endorsing any candidates or talking about politics unless our friends on campus start the conversation and we are providing you with said information. We will definitely not be telling you who to vote for because guess what? YOU’RE FREE TO DO WHATEVER THE F YOU WANT. We literally exist solely to tell you what we see on our campuses, and maybe make you laugh at the stupidity of some of our classmates while we are at it.

Hope you learn something useful because we all know that some of those GE courses aren’t leaving you with anything you’ll need after the final.