5 Thoughts Every College Student Has About the Upcoming Inauguration

With President Trump’s Inauguration taking place during syllabus week, many of us feel overwhelmed. Not only do we have new course loads, new internships, and a new year but we have a new president. Here are some thoughts that have crossed all of our minds…

1. What does the word inauguration even mean?


Lets face it, if you’re not a political science major you probably have more important things to do then study the patterns of elections and the formalities of being sworn in. All people know is that it happens every four years and people stand outside the White House starting at 11 PM the night before like they’re waiting for New Years Eve  in Times Square.

2. Wait, it’s NOT a national holiday?


You’re telling me that only federal employees in D.C. and surrounding areas get the day off? What about college students? We matter too! Whatever, I’m still gonna try to use it as an excuse to skip class.

3. Is pre-gaming the inauguration a thing?


Whether you drink to celebrate or drink to cope with our soon to be reality, we can all agree on one thing. Alcohol just makes it all better.

4. Who is even performing?


All I’ve been hearing is everyone who has declined singing at the inauguration, so who really is performing? Cancellations from Elton John and Celine Dion leave us wondering how this pre-inauguration concert is even going to be. I guess if we resort back to #8, it won’t take us long to get dancing no matter who is singing.

5.  “I can’t wait to watch”


Whether you are Team Trump or not, this election has been a historic one. For a lot of us, this was our first election we were able to vote in and we should take pride in that. Every inauguration is exciting to watch, so buckle up as Trump officially takes office. #Merica

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