Students at the University of Iowa: Demand Sanctuary Campus

Students at the University of Iowa are already complaining about President-elect Trump’s potential policies. They are concerned about what his policies will be, specifically, in regard to immigration.

Groups at the University of Iowa are asking the campus President, Bruce Herald, to denounce any policies the Trump administration enacts, that may harm or threaten international students. Interesting, President-elect Trump is not even in office and hasn’t laid out specific policies therefore it seems very pre-mature to already demand this.

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The reasoning behind it? The students organizing the demand claim that,

“The University of Iowa climate has become increasingly intolerant of these populations. We need you to promise to keep these communities safe under this sort of administration.”

In case you are unaware the President of the country has a little bit more power than the President of a University. It isn’t really up to a President of a University of denounce immigration policy.

Students at the University of Iowa are also demanding that the University deems itself a sanctuary. They are not specific on what they mean by a sanctuary campus, this may mean that they wouldn’t let federal immigration authorities onto campus or that they would “block” federal immigration policies. The same groups of students want to petition the city to make Iowa City a sanctuary city.

There has not been a response from President Herald or the city of Iowa city. According to the Gazette a spokeswomen for the University of Iowa stated this about the demands, UI

“The university does not set nor enforce immigration policy. That is the purview of the federal government.”

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