Attacker on Ohio State University’s Campus Quickly Brought Down by Police

An attack on Ohio State University’s campus Monday morning has landed eleven people in the hospital, one with critical but not life-threatening injuries. Just before 10:00 AM, a car veered off of the main road and onto the sidewalk, striking a group of students and faculty outside during a fire alarm. The driver, an 18 year old student named Abdul Razak Ali Artan, proceeded to climb out of the car and attempt to stab several bystanders with a knife. The school was immediately placed on lock down, and an emergency alert warned students to “RUN HIDE FIGHT” (a tactic from the Department of Homeland Security to escape from an active shooter situation safely).

It was initially thought that he possessed a gun, due to several witness statements of gunshots, but those gunshots were later attributed to Officer Alan Horujko, who shot and killed him within minutes of the initial attack. Within two hours, police had already cleared the scene and started processing evidence. Initial witness testimony questioned whether or not there were two people climbing out of the car, but police have confirmed that there was only one attacker, and that he was only wielding a knife.  Investigators believe that Artan was inspired by ISIS and they are looking into any contact he may have had with the terrorist organization.

Governor John Kasich also released this statement just before 1:00 PM on Monday:

According to Armed Campuses,

“Ohio state law prohibits the carrying of concealed firearms on any premises owned or leased by any public or private college, university, or other institution of higher education…”

Unfortunately, we have another event that will be brought up over and over again when talking about concealed carry on campus. We are thankful that an officer was there in time to stop the attacker from causing any further injury.

However, thanks to the tireless efforts of so many first-responders and emergency personnel, life will go on.

*Featured image credit: Mason Swires, Assistant Photo Editor, The Lantern *

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