Love Trumps Hate Apparently Means Halting Traffic at The University of Iowa

University of Iowa students planned a protest called, Not My America, on campus following the results of Tuesday’s election. Around 4:30 PM a number of students gathered, giving short speeches and chanting with their homemade signs. Prior to the event, students had chalked different sayings regarding Trump’s victory around campus.


The protest began to make it’s way through downtown Iowa City, protesting by yelling vulgar language and driving cars through walkways. The video below shows the beginning of the protest and yes, they are saying what you think they are saying.

The protest made it’s way through the downtown area of the University. The signs they are holding read: “Not My President,” “Love Trumps Hate,”and “Bridges Not Walls.” As well as yelling things such as “Dump Trump”, “not my president,” and a few very vulgar slogans.

Protesters continued onto a major interstate 1-80 at the busiest time of the day, 5:30 PM, where they stopped traffic. Approximately 100 protesters halted traffic on the interstate, blocking traffic for around 30 minutes.


Not only did protesters block semi trucks trying to get their work done, people leaving downtown and the University to get home to their families on a Friday night, they also blocked ambulances going to one of main hospital in the state. Because apparently that’s what Love Trumps Hate means?

According to the Facebook event for the protest, Not My America, they plan to continue to stage protests in the future.

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