Protesters Turn Hostile At Allen West’s Campus Lecture (VIDEO)

On Wednesday, November 2nd, Allen West gave a speech at the University of Central Missouri called “The Truth about Radical Islam.” This speech was a part of Young America’s Foundation campus lectures. This was known to be a controversial speech on campus, as this speech was scheduled for the same time as a speech titled “Raise Awareness for Muslim Culture” put on by the Muslim Students’ Association, Saudi Students Club, and Center for Multiculturalism and Inclusivity at UCM. Of course, most students at UCM attended the “Raise Awareness for Muslim Culture” speech, because they would receive extra credit in one of their classes. A student at UCM explained that most professors did not see the Allen West speech as “educational.”

 The President of College Republicans at UCM introduced West by saying,

“The man who always speaks for Conservatism and challenges the status quo on a daily basis, Lt Colonel Allen West.”

West received a standing ovation from a packed room. It was only a couple minutes into his speech when a protester stands up from the crowd and yells


This chant went on for about a minute when West supporters chanted “TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP.” The protesters took most of the crowd by surprise, as most of us were not expecting West to be interrupted so quickly. As the protesters quiet down, you can hear someone from the crowd telling the protester to leave because they are being rude. Allen West explains:

“It is because of US freedom and liberty that we can all sit here tonight.”

 West could not speak much longer because another protester starting yelling


This led to other people joining in. I’m not sure if those protesters understand what a fascist actually is. They were not just calling West a fascist, but also those in support of him. The crowd of supporters countered with a USA chant. A lady then brought out a taser on the first protester but did not actually taser him. Another chant followed from the supporters:  “FREE SPEECH MATTERS.” Then the protesters counter with “NO SPEECH FOR FASCISTS,” “F*CK TRUMP, F*CK WEST,” and “HOW MANY DID YOU TORTURE, HOW MANY DID YOU KILL?” The protesters did plan out their chants rather well, except for the fact that most of them were not accurate in proving their point.

 Allen West supporters gathered around him on stage. The protesters began chanting “DARE TO STRUGGLE, DARE TO WIN.” Can anyone explain what this means and what it has to do with Allen West’s speech on Radical Islam?  During another chant of “USA USA USA,” the protesters were finally escorted out.

 The President of College Republicans at UCM asked that “Everyone who is here to see the speech please stay seated.” Then shortly after, Allen West was able to continue his speech, covering the topics of terrorism, ISIS, and what the United States should do about Islamic terrorism.

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