West Virginia Students Flood The Streets To Protest Election

In some parallel universe, a new president was elected on Tuesday, but everyone just accepted the fact that he was voted in fairly and kept going on about their business. Sadly, we live in the real world, and people are whining and complaining about our election process.

In West Virginia, the margin of victory for Donald Trump was yyuuuuuuge: 68.7% of the vote to Hillary Clinton’s 26.5%. His promises of revitalizing coal country and growing jobs in the Mountain State was enough to sway most of the state into voting for him, while Clinton’s comments about destroying the coal industry did nothing but drive them to Trump. The millennial vote here was substantial as well- West Virginia is one of the few states that Trump would win if only 18-25 year olds were allowed to vote. This is a state where most Republicans support Trump, and most Democrats supported Bernie Sanders in the primaries, and then quickly jumped ship once they saw Clinton winning. So, you’d expect our state to be filled with people who were joyful about the Trump win. Well, not quite.

In the state’s largest and flagship university, West Virginia University students were outraged and terrified that they lost. In this participation trophy world we grew up in, there were no winners or losers, so when things didn’t go their way, they fought back. Less than 24 hours after the election was called, students took it upon themselves to march through the middle of downtown Morgantown to proclaim that their feelings were hurt.

Without delay, the mob of “upset and concerned students” marched up North High Street, more commonly known as Frat Row. Trump fanboys leaned out of their windows and yelled at the protesters.

In response to this, a Unity Circle is being planned for this Monday in the middle of one of our campuses to create a safe space.

“a peaceful event, promoting unity and safety amongst students, faculty, staff, and organizations on campus. The Unity Circle is about unifying against hate and ensuring safety for all.”

So basically, an event for liberals to be upset about legislation that hasn’t even been proposed yet, but just the very thought of it send them into a downward spiral. Solid.

But wait, it gets better. Marshall University, our friendly neighbor three and a half hours to the southwest of us, actually held a candlelight vigil because of the election results. People were so upset about the results, they conducted an event that is usually held for memorials and walked around the outside of the campus.

I respect the Constitution and the right to assemble as much as the next girl, but we also have the right to tell you how stupid all of these “Trump Protest” marches are. A month ago, everyone was shredding on Trump for saying he would not accept the result of the election if he lost. Now, everyone is running around upset because their candidate lost and calling for electoral college members to switch their allegiance to Clinton. Hypocrisy much? If you really want to enact change, start at the state and local level. Marching around, destroying property, and doing what you would slam the other party for doing is not going to solve anything. Stop marching around in the cold and lighting things on fire, and start contacting your local and state level politicians to enact change.

*Featured image credit: Andrew Spellman/ The Daily Athenaeum

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