University of Iowa: Posters Denouncing Anti-White Propaganda Are Offensive

The University of Iowa is investigating “offensive” posters that were hung up around campus, according to KCRG. The posters were put at Latino Native American Cultural Center, the LGBT Resource Center, and Afro-American Culture Center. The posters read “Are you sick of Anti-White propaganda in college? You are not alone.”


Now, I’m not really sure what is being investigated, the right to free speech?  My best guess is that is exactly what they mean, the University of Iowa has a record of not understanding the First Amendment. A second round of posters were put up in dorms across campus at a later date that had two white people on them reading “we have the right to exist.” The flyers have a link to The Right Stuff, which is a cultural and social right-wing website.

The University of Iowa released a statement saying:

“The University of Iowa is committed to maintaining an environment that promotes the robust exchange of ideas. We are equally committed to maintaining an environment that recognizes the inherent worth and dignity of every person and that fosters tolerance, sensitivity, understanding, and mutual respect.”

This is all interesting, I wonder if it would be the same if Black Lives Matter hung up posters saying Black Lives Matter? Oh wait, they have and then when it got destroyed and taken off by another student, the school called it a hate crime. So let me get this straight, it is only a hate crime and wrong if you are white. It kinda seems like the University is proving their point.

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Why is it okay for Black Lives Matter to post signs around campus but it’s not okay when white people do it? Why is it okay for University’s to teach about how evil white people are? Why is it okay for every other group to take pride in their ethnicity and heritage but when white people do it, they scream white supremacy? Seems to me that anti-white propaganda is very present in college.

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