OLLU Campus Under Lockdown After Man Practices Open Carry…With A Rifle

In America we have the 2nd Amendment, and down here in Texas we have open carry, now I’m a gun lovin’ right to bear arm kinda gal but this situation was a little crazy for your average Wednesday afternoon.

During class at approximately 4 p.m. the university staff sent out an email/text:

OLLU Emergency
A public safety emergency has been declared on the San Antonio campus of Our Lady of the Lake University. This is not a test.
A public safety emergency has caused the closure of the San Antonio campus. If you are on campus, find shelter and remain in place. If you are not on campus, do not travel to campus at this time.
Please check http://www.ollusa.edu/alert for updated information.
Thank you.
At this time we moved ourselves to the back of the room and waited until further instructions from the staff. Kudos to the university for keeping everyone up to date with the situation instead of leaving us in the dark, even parents were notified.
At about 4:30 the University staff sent out a tweet alerting us it was a casual Texan exercising his right like on does.
San Antonio Police Department soon released this statement:
Douglas Greene said when officers found and spoke to the armed man, they determined he was within his legal rights to carry the rifle. He was not on campus, Greene said. “We’ll continue to monitor and answer calls for service and react appropriately. But we don’t have anything as far as any laws being broken to enforce,” he said.
Yes, you read right, a rifle as his choice of gun, I mean I know it’s hunting season but damn us college kinds ain’t no wild animals (at least for the most part), were just trying to get an education and not have too many mental breakdowns. The 2nd Amendment and open carry is great and I’m a firm believer of both, but seriously don’t walk around all nonchalant with a rifle.
But alls well and ends well, no one was hurt, some did suffer from a mini mental breakdown, but what are you going to do its college we have at least five of them before breakfast.