TCU Students Getting Demands Met Faster than Congress

Horned Frogs have proved time and time again that they are absolutely wild. The school has risen in the college football world dramatically over the past five years, both the business and nursing school have become nationally recognized, the mascot LITERALLY shoots blood out of its eyes, and their students don’t take shit.

Texas Christian University has been the hot spot for change. Students have becoming the driving force behind movements to end human trafficking, raising men’s health awareness, and giving back to the Fort Worth community. When they see a problem, they don’t sleep until they’ve found a way to help.

This semester the students have been just as active, but their actions have catapulted their campus to be a hot spot for social justice. No other school in the Big 12 has received as much attention for student protests during the national anthem. In an effort to bring attention to oppression of minority students, the Black Students and Allies of TCU group has gotten both supportive and adverse responses to how they’ve led their cause.

A major critique of their protests have been that only attention has been brought to their movement through disrespectful means, all the while not producing an actual solution to the problem. But recently they have stepped up to prove this wrong. Three students met with the administration to present their demands that if met would implement the change they felt was necessary for their campus. On October 18th, Chancellor Boschini released a statement to the student body acknowledging the demands of the Black Students and Allies of TCU.


Congrats, you made it past me “setting the scene.” You are now looking for me to say that I don’t like with it and expect a sassy comeback. Strap on your seatbelts y’all, cause you’re about to have a rude awakening.

THESE THREE GIRLS HAVE MORE GUT THAN ANYONE I KNOW. I don’t have the balls to ask my dad for $10 but they asked for a $100-million-dollar endowment (don’t worry Dad I’m not going there with you). They stood up from the football stands, got organized, and made a game plan. I have a hard enough time balancing midterms and semi-formals. Going public with their list of demands meant they knew backlash would be very possible, and but did it anyways. They exercised their freedom of speech boldly and unapologetically, which definitely made our founding fathers applaud from the grave. TCU has always encouraged students to be critical about the world around them, especially since those who chose to attend and pay for their university should have a say in how it’s run. Within a week, a cabinet level position for inclusion has been created and filled by the chancellor.


That’s faster than the time it takes most of our teachers to grade a paper. Chancellor Boschini is basically that professor that makes his tests for a scantron so he can run it through the machine and post your grade within the hour. BE MORE LIKE BOSCHINI Y’ALL.

You don’t have to agree with every demand on the list to admit that these students put their money where their mouth is. Actions speak louder than words, and if you haven’t heard what they’re demanding before, you sure can now.

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