NAACP Uses #RacismAtTAMUFeelsLike to Highlight Racism at Texas A&M

On campuses all over the United States there is still racial tension no matter what part of the country you are located or what type of university you attend.  The Texas A&M University NAACP started the hashtag #RacismAtTAMUFeelsLike and #BeingAPoCAtTAMU for students to share their experiences of racism they have experienced on their campus.

A TAMU NAACP member said,

“The hashtags help to promote awareness that our university has a lot of work that need to be done in order to be an inclusive institution.”

These tweets highlighted controversial issues we have seen nationwide.  Sports teams across the nation have been scrutinized for having a mascot named the Redskins or Indians.  Just last year we saw the public debate before South Carolina removed the Confederate Flag from flying in front of their State Capital.  These are not just problems that are happening at Universities but nationwide.  Conversations need to happen concerning why this racism still exist, why the Confederate flag is seen as racist, and how we can solve this racism issue. If you believe in free speech then you need to be willing to have these discussions, even if its hard or uncomfortable.

Many of these acts of racism are because of stereotypes about certain groups of people.  A lot of famous athletes are people of color so it is often assumed that black students are athletes not because they can’t get an academic scholarship but because it is a stereotype that they are so good at sports.

Racism is not only seen against people of color and minorities.  This tweet is an example of a stereotype that is seen all over the country, especially during the current election.

Many of the problems at Texas A&M are happening at universities all over the country but we do not see them publicly highlighted.

A TAMU NAACP spokesperson said,

“We feel the hashtags have had the impact of allowing Aggies to be comfortable enough and open enough to share their experiences with racism on this campus and hopefully can lead to more constructive dialogue about race relations and racism on this campus.”  

The group wanted these hashtags to bring awareness to racism on campus that would hopefully  lead to a better experience for current and future Aggies.  Awareness needs to be brought to even the smallest issues of racism that impacts people in big ways.  We need conversations like this nation wide, not just at Texas A&M or in even Texas but everywhere because it is a national problem.

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