#LiberalPrivilege: Conservative College Students’ Life Defined in 140 Characters

#LiberalPrivilege trending on Twitter and it’s about DAMN TIME. In the recent election, so many things have been excused that shouldn’t have been because of #LiberalPrivilege (uh… Hillary living outside a jail cell is the best example). Yet, they haven’t been labeled as “privileges” when that’s EXACTLY what they are.

Aside from the election, these trending tweets touched on some major struggles conservatives in college face. I’m sure we can all agree that 90% of professors are indeed liberals, okay fine.. probably 95%. However that’s not the issue. The issue arises when #LiberalPrivilege gets in the way. As a conservative, we have to worry about staying low during Socratic seminars for fear of failing a class when in fact we have so much to offer. And not to mention, saying “I’m With Her” is the key phrase to being accepted or gaining friends on campus. I’m sorry, did I miss something? Oh no, just #LiberalPrivilege and specifically, ignorance.

Here are some of the top tweets highlighting conservative struggles with #LiberalPrivilege:

Worrying that your political views will affect your grades.

…it’s something professors even deal with.

Having your right to free speech limited.

Getting stared at like you’re an alien for being conservative.

#LiberalPrivilege is nothing something new and it’s not something that will go away soon. It’s a struggle that conservatives everywhere have to deal with. But as long as we keep fighting the good fight, we can make our campuses somewhere where all political views are accepted!

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