East Carolina University is Stuck Inside Hurricane Matthew’s Flood Zone

In the wake of Hurricane Matthew, many North Carolinians have been evacuated due to rising floodwaters. Most East Carolina University students are on fall break, but several are stuck inside the city amidst apartment evacuations and road collapses.

In an attempt to make the most of a bad situation, ECU Pirates are doing what they do best- taking to social media with an array of witty posts and tweets.

After much anticipation, students received an announcement explaining that classes would be cancelled for the rest of the week, extending their fall break by another 3 class days.

Many students’ jokingly [or not] expressed their main concern of whether or not the football game would still be held. ECU was scheduled to play Navy Thursday evening. It was later announced that the game would be rescheduled for November 19th.

Several sections of Greenville are being evacuated from their homes and apartments, but citizens are staying positive and helping others in need. Students were told to not return to Greenville from fall break as most major roads are currently impassable.

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