The University of Iowa: Triggered By a Sticker

A student living in the dorms at the University of Iowa posted a Trump Pence 2016 sticker on their door. Because when you go to a liberal school it’s very important to troll the kids that live around you with your conservatism…duh! When they got back from watching the presidential debate, the sticker was taken down from their door and slid underneath of it. They later found out that it was the resident assistants in the dorm that took it down.


There are absolutely no rules that say  you can’t post things on your door. The only  rule that states anything about decorating your door reads, “The exterior side of each student room door is considered public space. Care should be given to posting materials that could be considered distasteful or offensive to others.”

Anyone who has been to college or is in college knows that people say and post ridiculous and vulgar things all over their dorms. Therefore, if a Trump sticker offends them, they should be taking down every single repulsive thing that college guys write all over the walls. Come on though, we know it’s for no other reason than their blatent liberal bias, that they are infringing on students First Amendment rights.

So like the awesome patriot this student was, they put it back up on the door and it was taken down by the RAs yet again (shocker!). Instead of giving into the liberal school, they instead decided to troll them by posting the best response to all of this nonsense.

Read it and weep, haters.


Sorry, did you say you wanted us to take that down? We couldn’t quite hear you over our freedom. *Bald eagle screech in the distance.*

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