These Loyola Freshman Have The Ultimate GOP Dorm Door

Loyola University Chicago freshmen Tiffany Boguslawski and Maddie Demo are definitely not shy about their political opinions. And thier #GoTrump decked out dorm door is one for the books. Check it out here:


These girls think big government sucks so much that they asked their fellow liberal students to contribute to their cause using the card and envelope provided. Their card reads ‘Official Democrat Birthday Card’ on the front, and they ask everyone to leave their money in the envelope to donate to Maddie and Tiffany’s cause. So presh! I bet all proceeds go straight to the Clinton Foundation!

While nobody in their hallway has filled the envelope, one mysterious student provided the girls with glorious black and white pictures of Hillary Clinton to help their cause. Because nothing makes you vomit after a night out more than a giant photo collage of Hillary. Way to go girls!

But in all seriousness, this is fucking amazing. The girls claim they haven’t received any backlash for their door, and even their RA is on board.

Tiffany Boguslawski told Carpe Freedom,

“Though our RA is a liberal and supports Hillary, she is totally supportive of us showing what we believe. She encourages us to be strong minded, independent women”

Carpe that freedom.

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