I’m The Black Sheep Of Social Workers

I’m studying social work. I’m also a conservative. Is that even a thing?

Well yeah, no, it’s not common, but here I am.

Social work is all about helping people. We try to help people better their lives in all different situations, whether or not you approve of the situations they’re in. It’s about putting aside your views and opinions to do what is best for the client. So shouldn’t social workers be practicing that throughout their daily lives? So why am I finding myself judged for my opinions in class, even if they’re a bit more conservative than the rest of my classmates?

I get that social workers usually follow the Democrats because of the fact that most of our clients are going to, at some point, need some kind of government assistance. And since Democrats love to hand out money, it helps out our clients, which is the whole point of social work.

But when I go ahead and suggest the democratic side gives out too much money and we should watch out for it being taken advantage of… dear God. It’s quite often I receive the stares that could kill… So take a stroll with me down the memory lane of struggles I’ve experienced with being a conservative social worker.

Let’s start off with the time one of my fellow classmates raised their hand saying, “I can’t even imagine voting Republican. What kind of social worker would?”


Or how about that fun time when the class watched a movie on abortion.. Except this movie was on supporting social workers at a pro-choice rally. Oh, and they were wearing necklaces with hanger charms on them. NECKLACES. WITH. HANGERS.


Oh yeah, what about when I suggested we fix the problem that is disability and unemployment benefits? Expressing the fact that I think it’s ridiculous that it’s more beneficial for someone to stay on these benefits than going out and finding a job.


The definition of a good time was when the class was talking about how wonderful the “Black Lives Matter” movement was, and I disagreed, stating that I think all lives should matter…


Though my favorite was probably when I proudly stated I didn’t vote for Obama, as well as refusing to be “with her.”


#sorrynotsorry I will never change.

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