Got Free Speech? The University of Chicago Does

Imagine preparing for your first semester of college and receiving a letter in the mail from your university centered around safe spaces and trigger warnings. The eyes begin rolling and you feel the freedom seeping out of the page. You have heard the storiesĀ of campuses that ban Ben Shapiro (@DePaul), campuses that consider Harambe memes as “microagressions” (@UMass), and even more terror beyond that. Your eyes trickle down the page, like the economic policies you love, and see a take on free speech that actually makes sense.


Well, that’s exactly what happened this fall at the University of Chicago. Letters were sent home to members of the class of 2020 making it clear that the University of Chicago is not down with trigger warnings.

So of course everyone wants to talk about it. The University of Chicago College Republicans took matters into their own hands and sponsored a debate on whether the college administration finally got free speech right.

The chapter president, Matthew Foldi, spoke to Carpe Freedom about his recent event in which he stated,

“This debate provided a great opportunity for students to discuss the letter that Dean Ellison sent to the Class of 2020. College Republicans is regrettably the only group on campus that supports Ellison’s letter, and we were glad to partner with CDS and to use this debate to share our opinion with the broader campus community.”

The University of Chicago definitely made the right call on freedom. Upholding freedom of expression and discussion is something everyone should agree on. It is sad to say that the University of Chicago College Republicans are currently the only club that has shown support for this letter. We hope to see more campuses upholding the rights to express all beliefs, even if they hurt your feelings.

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