A New Type of Hero Emerges from KU-YAF


Sometimes, as Freedom-Loving Millennials need our own heroes, and our newest one is Gabriel Lepinski. He is the esteemed Chairman of The University of Kansas chapter of Young Americans for Freedom (YAF.) I got to sit down and ask him what went down in that insane YAF meeting that blew up the internet. Let’s just say I could feel the heroism through the phone. 

If you haven’t seen the video, please do.

So, like tell me what happened like everything goin’ on?

Lepinski: “Well, um, a couple of days ago a transgender girl was walking home on her way home from work. And was harassed by, in her words, a couple of “fuckboys.” She posted this to social media, and a bunch of people freaked out saying that Transgender and Black people are being killed systematically by police. Which isn’t true. And, then they were like, “We are gonna hold a protest about it.” And then I said when I shared the event in the YAF Facebook page, “Guys this why this work is important, because facts don’t care about your feelings. They are spreading rumors that aren’t true, and we are going to go out there and fight it.” Everyone [in the YAF facebook group] was like “Hoo-Rah!” 

So, essentially what happened after I shared that in the YAF Facebook post someone took it, and showed it to the organizers  of the protest. And, then a bunch, I think three people requested to join YAF. I knew what was up, because I knew they were organizers of the protest. And, I sent them a message and I said, “Hey, I am not going to let you join our Facebook group, but we are having a meeting tomorrow. And I would just love if you would come, and bring open minds, and be respectful of us.” And of course they show up 20-25 people deep, right in the middle of the meeting. And as soon as I start about our goals, they start asking racially charged questions, and what not. And of course said, “You don’t believe systemic racism exists.” And I go, “Well point me to a bylaw in Kansas’ constitution, like The University of Kansas Constitution, that says we need to discriminate against black people or transgender people.” And one of the people in the video said, “Okay, I’m gonna email you.” Haven’t gotten an email yet. I kept saying, “It is horrible what happened to your friend. That is horrible, and I will go out and fight against individual acts of racism. But I am not gonna go out ghost hunting systemic racism with you if you cannot provide me with any bylaws that show that KU is systematically oppressive to transgender people and people of color.” And that obviously triggered them.

Some highlights of the video that were great was when they said, “I think you meant to say something other than facts.” And I was genuinely confused, “And I said no no I genuinely meant to say facts. I’m afraid I’m not really sure what you are talking about.” And they go, “You meant fags.” And I was like, “No, no I did not. That’s what I said facts not fags.” Another highlight was when they repeatedly called me and another one of my officers “white supremacists,” because we were white. And I am pretty sure that’s racism when you assume something of someone because of the color of their skin.

Oh boy, it was just a total mess. And now Kansas is getting up in arms, and we are getting treated with not threats, but “I’m coming for you” just the usual Social Justice Warrior empty threats.”

What do you have to say to people like those in the video, and others like that around the world?

Lepinski: “Well I love to debate, and if they want to show up and debate about Safe Spaces and Trigger Warnings, and this white privilege nonsense then they can come and debate me one-on-one. What I won’t tolerate is getting into shouting matches, and them calling me a “white supremacist” without any evidence at all. So, I will keep talking about trigger warnings, because they are just ways to shout down open debate when you are faced with something you don’t agree with. So what we are going to do here is start the chat, and what they can do is come here and debate us one-on-one, and whatever they want to do. But we are not going to be bullied into submission. That’s just not going to happen.”

What advice do you have for young freedom lovers out there as they are being faced with these problems daily?

Lepinski: “My advice for them is to first off, voice your opinion. It may be very intimidating on other campuses. It can be very intimidating to voice your opinion as a minority, which is being a conservative. Just as it is difficult for minorities to get their voices heard. We don’t deny that at KU YAF or at YAF headquarters. But, what we will not accept is allowing people to bully you. And don’t allow yourself to be bullied. You are armed with facts. Arm yourself with facts, because social justice warriors are only good at one thing and that is yelling at you and getting you off topic. I advise ALL young conservatives, to make sure that whatever they do is go into a meeting with facts, and debate where there is cameras where social justice warriors will make fools of themselves, like they did here at KU. That’s my advice to you. Just make yourself heard, and don’t be afraid, people will back you up. The response we have gotten from the community has been absolutely mind blowing. People who are supporting us from the middle of the aisle, to the left of the aisle, from the right side of the aisle. If you go out there and you voice your opinions, and let the social justice warriors look like the petulant children they are, and let them call you things like, “white supremacist,” “racist,” or “xenophobe”  without any evidence; then you have already won the argument.”

Our newest hero, didn’t do anything extraordinary. He just came armed with facts and wit. He is a defender of freedom. So, if you are a social justice warrior, he is waiting to debate with you. As am I, and many others around the nation. Standing up for our beliefs, and conservative students are everywhere. We will not hide behind trigger warnings and safe spaces.

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