The Sugar Daddy Scholarship

Give me liberty or give me…Viagra? 

Eh, kind of, but nooooot exactly.

The owners of sugar daddy websites and have created what appears to be a way for college students to enter into relationships with older, wealthy individuals who will pay for their college tuition. Ok, maybe Bernie couldn’t give you free college but maybe this other grandpa can! 

After a bit of research, I discovered that this trend has actually been going on for years. However, the industry has experienced a spike in the past year or so, and even though I found no real explanation, I can only assume it’s due to the ever-increasing cost of tuition, as well as the ever-increasing necessity of a college degree to get a solid job. And as far as who exactly is taking “advantage” of this wonderful opportunity? Surprisingly enough, there are far more male sugar babies than female, for which there was also no real explanation.

There are several companies promoting this lifestyle, but Seeking Arrangement seems to be the frontrunner in this industry, and has even gone as far as to create their own “university” (which I am convinced is somehow affiliated with Trump University, though I have no proof) called Sugar Baby University. They even made an informative video: 

I’m not sure what the most horrifying part of the video is: the fact they’re all exercising in athletic clothes and 5-inch Louboutin’s, the fact that the camera lingers on their weird smiles for juuuuust a little too long, the fact that as one girl sorts through her hunnits and smiles off into the distance, her eyes that look as dead as Ron Paul’s chances at the presidency, or the fact that that one girl’s dress length wasn’t considered appropriate until it was halfway up her thigh.

The company describes itself as,

“…an alternative to student loan debt. College and university students can find wealthy benefactors to help pay for tuition and other related costs when pursuing an education.”

Translation: If you have sex with old people, they will pay for your college education. Oh, and they might throw some nice clothes and an occasional exotic trip in there too.

Overall, despite the fact this is straddling the prostitution fence (even though the companies outline the “drastic” differences between the two), I’m not entirely sure what to make of it. Definitely not good things, for sure. If the line between prostitution and sugar babies is so thin that you have to create an entire page on your site for the sole purpose of rationalizing the legality of your product, the moral bankruptcy of your service is evident to begin with. Either way, I think we can all agree that this exchange of “goods” is in very poor taste.

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