UNC Charlotte Students Can’t Even With 2016

In one of the most complicated and controversial elections in our country’s history, each candidate has done everything they can to win the vote of one particular population: the millennials. When asked about their choice for the next POTUS, UNC Charlotte students seemed to be divided amongst the three front-runners. Here is what they said:

1. Mary, 20, Junior

I’m voting for Trump, because I truly think he has what it takes. He isn’t a liar, and even though he can be rude at times, he’s still a better choice than Crooked Hillary.

2. Olivia, 19, Sophomore

Definitely Gary Johnson. He stands for what I believe in, and I can’t stand the thought of EITHER of the other two candidates running the country. Makes me nauseous.

3. Tori, 19, Sophomore

I will be voting for Donald Trump. Although I don’t enjoy some of his remarks I think he knows how to run a business, which is important when running a country. I like that he doesn’t put on a face for the media, where I believe Hillary does. I love our country, but we do have some work to do, and it’s naive to believe that we have nothing to improve on. I want him to at least try to make America great again. I think Hillary is just like every other politician and while I don’t believe she would run the country into the ground, I don’t think we will get very far with her.

4. Brandon, 18, Freshman

Literally no one. It’s embarrassing for America that THIS is the best we could come up with: a bunch of crooked, rude morons. I’m not voting for a single person this time around. This election has made me embarrassed to be an American, the rest of the world is laughing at us, I know it.

5. Lauren, 21, Senior

I’m voting for Hillary. Why? Because Bernie told me too.

6. Riley, 20, Sophomore

It kind of sucks: I’m voting for Trump because there are hundreds of things I’d rather do than vote for crooked Hillary. People say that Trump supporters are only voting for him because he is “outspoken,” but it might be good for our country to have a not so ordinary politician. I also like how Trump is focused on helping all three classes, because nobody really wants to help the middle class! Also, despite the many allegations, he is actually pro-women. When a woman at one of his rallies, referred to herself as an “average woman,” he stopped in the middle of the rally to state that she and any other woman is above average. But he’s still viewed as sexist? I just hate how the media portrays only the negative sides of Trump when really he’s a pretty great presidential candidate.

7. Leah, 18, Freshman

No. Just no. In the beginning of the election season, I supported Ben Carson, and then Carly Fiorina, and then John Kasich, all of whom I felt were completely qualified to be in office, and all of whom dropped out of the race. I am beyond disturbed with the choices we are left with, and I can’t in good conscious vote for either of the two choices. Gary Johnson is a pothead, so what does he know? And I know, I know, it’s a privilege to vote, not voting is a waste of that freedom, not voting is not being a true American, etc. etc. But I just can’t bring myself to vote for someone I don’t believe in. If that makes me ‘un-American,’ so be it.

8. Catherine, 21, Senior

Hillary. She’s a woman, I’m a woman. Voting for Her is a vote for women everywhere. #ImWithHer.

9. Jonathan, 20, Sophomore

Gary Johnson all the way. Dude knows his stuff, he’s the best of both worlds. He has the wisdom of an old person but the heart and soul of a young person, he fits the bill for every type of person.

10. Tiffany, 18, Freshman

Trump, Trump, TRUMP. I have traveled near and far to hear that man speak, and despite the fact he’s pretty much a jackass, I think he’s got the best shot of making America great again, for real.

11. Logan, 22, Senior

It’s down to Trump or Johnson. On the one hand, I’ve always been a true conservative and voted for the republican candidate. On the other hand, Trump is a Grade A nut job, and I would rather claw my own eyeballs out with skewers than vote for Hillary.

12. Jessica, 19, Sophomore

Eh, I’m honestly so bored with this election I probably won’t even vote. I can’t stand Donald or Hillary, and I don’t know a single thing about Gary. He won’t win anyway, so it doesn’t really matter. If a friend of mine is on their way to vote and offers to take me, I’ll go. Otherwise, I’m just gonna sit at home and feel sorry for myself and America.

13. Anna, 20, Junior

I don’t think I will know who I’m voting for until I get to the booth. I supported Marco until the day he dropped out, and after he was gone I didn’t quite know which candidate to turn to. I’m not a fan of this whole “vote for the lesser of two evils” thing America has going on, so I find myself unable to make my mind up.

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