UMass Is Triggered By Harambe, The Internet’s Favorite Gorilla

By now, we are all familiar with the memes and internet jokes surrounded the late gorilla, Harambe. Since his tragic death in May, the internet has gone crazy in remembering his life. However, University of Massachusetts at Amherst doesn’t seem to understand humor. Maybe their parents didn’t tell them jokes growing up. Maybe they live under a rock. Maybe they hate life. WHO KNOWS. Whatever it is, they hate fun.

The beloved gorilla is now a racist micro-aggression that could potentially turn into a Title IX violation. That’s right. A funny internet sensation to help us forget about all the shit happening right now just became political.


However, not only is this killing our fun, it’s actually killing our right to free speech as well. First they came for our politics and now they are coming for our humor. What’s next? My thoughts? Did I look the wrong way? Did I blink too much? Yawn too long? WHAT ELSE IS OFFENSIVE TO YOU?

Now people are tasked with the job of defending Harambe and free speech on campus. Yes ladies and gentleman, courageous warriors are out there fighting for the right to laugh at a joke. Welcome to 2016.

Keep fighting the good fight.

This story was brought to us by a social media tip.

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