College Republicans React to Republican Stereotypes

It’s not a secret that on most college campuses, Republicans are a minority. And with not many people knowing what Republicans are about, come the stereotypes. I decided to ask a few of my fellow College Republicans on the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh campus their thoughts on the famous stereotypes we frequently receive.

Let’s all get pissed together, shall we?

“So… obviously your parents are rich.”

Friend 1: “This stereotype is just people not being informed and that everyone puts such a bias on a certain party or candidate when they really just don’t know the facts.”

Friend 2: “Assuming my parents are rich is an absurd assumption. Just because I don’t want people more well off than me to give me free shit to even out income distribution, does not mean my family is well off.”

Friend 3: “Wealth is not something every Republican has. There are plenty of hard working, blue collar Republicans that make up the backbone of this country. Calling them rich and coddled is not something you want to do if you enjoy all of the luxuries we have. It takes two sides to make progress, stop bashing us and work with us.”


“Why are you against women?”

Friend 1: “Assumptions due to stereotypes, such as hating women because I’m a Republican, are stupid and the reason why people are dumb.”

Friend 2: “I think that the concept that Republicans hate women is tied-in with the abortion factor, that men don’t want women to do what they want with their bodies. Even though the reasoning is not to fuck over women, it is because they don’t want a potential human being to be aborted.”

Friend 3: “Women equality and gender equality have made a major push lately, and you know how a major push like that works? There is a cohesion and uniformity on both sides. Of course you always have bad apples, there are horrible people everywhere. But dammit, the good far outweighs the bad and to classify a whole class into the concept of hating women is ludicrous.” Image result for i don't even...whatever gif

“So you’re voting for Donald Trump?”

Friend 1: “I’m not even going to bother responding to this one. Though people do read Facebook posts about Donald Trump that are so biased, that the information is just not credible.”

Friend 2: “It has become almost insulting to assume Republicans are voting for Trump because the majority of us find him unfavorable. Now, how he won the primary, I have no idea how, but one could say the same thing about Hillary Clinton.”

Friend 3: “This is the funniest stereotype yet. Big name Republicans don’t even fully support him. He is full of controversy and literally shooting himself in the foot left and right. It’s like saying every Democrat loved Obama, and we all know for a damn fact that isn’t true either. So before you go making stereotypes about our party, just understand that you’re making yourself look foolish.”

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