The University of Iowa, Triggered By Chalk

University of Iowa students received an email the week before school began with the University’s new “chalking policy.” The email states that only official student organizations are allowed to chalk on campus, and it is only to promote an event. It also indicates the only three locations that chalking is allowed and gives a word limit to the chalking. 

The announcement goes on to say that the limited amount of chalk you can write cannot be harmful or threatening to any students. Which makes total sense because chalking is often extremely triggering to most people, right? 

Finally, the best part of the email states: 

To the fullest extent permitted by the First Amendment and other applicable law and consistent with the other University policy, the University reserves the right to remove any chalking that does not comply with this policy and may impose disciplinary sanctions on the sponsoring registered student organizations.

Which is funny because I don’t remember there being a section in the First Amendment stating you have the right to free speech unless someone’s offended, I must have missed that part. 

The first week back at class and University of Iowa students are already disobeying the chalking policy by chalking “Trump 2016” all over campus in those non-approved locations.

It seems as if their chalking policy is already ineffective in keeping campus a safe space and not triggering students with chalk.




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