CU Students Tell Us What They Really Think of Hillary Clinton

In a city that once strongly “Felt the Bern,” it is rare to find a Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton supporter. This upcoming election is turning out to more of a circus – with Trump and Clinton as the main clowns – than a presidential race.

Colorado is a high-profile swing state, and voters throughout the state have varied views on this year’s presidential candidates. People feel as though they are being forced to vote for Clinton because she is a woman and because she is not Donald Trump. After scouting out the feelings of my fellow Buffs, I found mixed reviews for “Crooked” Hillary.


I don’t like that she [Hillary Clinton] has shifted towards the anti-globalist side of the Democratic Party. I like Gary Johnson’s economic policy; he’s a globalist and bases his policy on macroeconomics. I also like his stance on social issues.”

Rigby Johnson, Student

“I don’t think she will do much to the economy if she came to office. She plans to continue Obama’s legacy. And that wouldn’t be a good idea. We have very slow GDP growth right now and need an economic boost. Continuing everything exactly the same as Obama will not help our economy and will not boost growth.”

Erin Weed, Student

“I think Hillary is a criminal, who belongs in prison not running for president – her tax plan calls for higher taxes than that of Trump and I don’t like the way she plays down unity as a country. She highlights our differences and that’s not what we need right now.”

Taylor Kline, Student

“I think she is unprofessional in how she handles things. Her foreign policy ideas are non-existent and she will not help us or our relations with other countries whatsoever. The Benghazi email scandal was much too important and focused on, for it to just disappear. Hillary also handled the email situation very poorly.”

Courtney Leigh, Student

“Hillary is a liar. The only thing I like about her is the fact that she is not Donald Trump. Her tax policies are unreasonable. Women like Carly Fiorina or Condoleeza Rice are much more suited to being president. Anyone who tries to expose unfavorable information about her suddenly goes missing and she definitely did not win the Democratic Nomination fairly.”

Bradon Parker, Student


“I’m going to vote for Hillary. Mostly because I can’t live in a country where Trump is president, but I am extremely disappointed in the candidates this year and I’m upset to have to choose Hillary as default and not because of my large support for her. She is not my first choice by any means.”

Alicia Roman, Student

While these are just a few opinions, they give me hope for America and faith in millennials. I talked to Republicans, Libertarians and Democrats, most of whom know better than to vote for someone just because she is a Clinton or a woman.

So please, let’s Make America Great Again.


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