6 ECU Organizations For The Politically-Passionate Conservative

Surviving college can be hard. Surviving college as a conservative can be even harder. But, have no fear! We spoke to conservatives at ECU and complied a list of 6 organizations for those who need a good dose of ‘Merica. 

1. ECU Debating Society

East Carolina’s first traveling debate team was created in the spring of 2016 as a platform for students to learn and facilitate styles of debate in a professional and collegiate environment. The Debating Society of East Carolina competes via the United States Universities Debate Association (USUDA) and the International Public Debate Association. This year, they plan to participate in several competitions across the country.

Vice President, Melissa Glenn spoke of the Society:

By participating in debate I was able to grow in my communication abilities by learning to eloquently voice arguments regardless of my personal belief… I was able to travel to new places and meet other students who have interests in politics, economics, technology, society, and the various other topics we were asked to discuss at competitions.

2. Student Government Association


If you’re politically-inclined, there’s a good chance that you strive on decision-making and fighting for your beliefs. For those that want to make a difference on campus, ECU’s Student Government Association gives many opportunities to get involved each semester. Whether it’s being a representative for your department or serving on the executive board, SGA provides a platform for students to voice their opinions on campus policies and issues.

3. Turning Point USA



ECU’s chapter of TPUSA was established last fall and has since gained 300 registered members. Turning Point USA, as a whole, is a nonpartisan group that seeks to empower young people from campuses across the country and educate them on the benefits free markets and small government. 

Chapter president, Giovanni Triana feels passionate about spreading the groups message on campus

I was drawn to [Turning Point’s] conservative ideals but the effective messaging and unique approach made them stand out,” said Triana. “I quickly recognized the impact Turning Point was making and was eager to be a part of something so historical.

ECU’s Turning Point USA chapter has activism-themed projects planned for this year as well as notable guest speakers.

4. Pirates for Israel

Originally a chapter of Students Supporting Israel, the ECU group decided to become their own entity entitled ‘Pirates for Israel.’2 PFI aims to educate students on the State of Israel and encourage them to support it as a culturally-rich democratic nation.

5. College Republicans

Part of the North Carolina Federation of College Republicans, East Carolina CRs promote conservative values throughout campus. This year, the ECU College Republicans hope to bring Pat McCrory to campus as well as the president of the Ayn Rand Institute. They also plan on partnering with ECU’s Students for Trump ambassador for those interested in advocating for Donald Trump’s campaign.

Roger Villarreal, chapter chairman spoke highly of his time at ECU CR’s:

What I enjoy most about being a College Republican are all the networking opportunities. College Republicans has helped me build me political résumé because of the leadership teams in every chapter- who genuinely want people to get involved.

6. Pi Sigma Alpha

ECU’s chapter of Pi Sigma Alpha is both engaging and beneficial to those pursuing a career in political science. PSA is open to students with a 3.0 GPA or higher and that have taken at least 12 hours of political science courses.


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