Milo Yiannopoulos Creates Chaos Around Rutgers

As you may have heard, Milo Yiannopoulous came to campus last semester. His brash, IDFWU attitude packed Scott Hall with Trump fans, feminists, and BLM activists.


downloadWhether you agree with Milo or not, the entire night was a wonderful display of free speech. However, it seems that a majority of RU skipped that day in high school civics. In the days following, there was campus-wide outrage over the “audacity” of Rutgers to let such a meanie on campus. If you were one of those people, I hope they fed you a nice warm bottle of milk and read you bedtime stories in your safe space.


The outrage made it’s way up to President Barachi, which like a sensible American, he said “dafuq?!”

Barachi put out a statement on the importance of free speech in the academic world. In a nutshell, he said  “I might not agree with you, but you can still say what you want.”

giphy (1).gif

Contrary to what your safe space buddy posted on Facebook, it’s not because he’s a racist, homophobic, idiot who hates you. Instead, Barachi stopped by Alexander Library and decided to read the U.S. Constitution. In that fancy little document he learned about the First Amendment. What’s that you ask?


The First Amendment allows you to make that angry post about Milo and it allows me to reply “sounds fake, but ok.” The First Amendment allows groups like YAL to bring Milo to campus and allows you to tell Milo “bitch, please.”

President Barachi knows and understands this. He is protecting the Constitutional rights of ALL students. He is protecting the marketplace of ideas our founding fathers fought so hard for. So, thank you President Barachi for being a freedom loving bro. We appreciate it.



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